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Instantor provides next generation banking API.
Our powerful solution realizes valuable knowledge about the customer including identification, verification and accountability. Digital knowledge which easily can be applied to online processes.


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Unlock the value of bank data!

We offer a secure platform that unifies bank API’s across several markets. A solution that enables you to build smart application and take authentic decisions.

Identify your customer

Be in compliance with KYC and AML
– Use bank data to verify your clients

Risk analysis

Analyse the customer’s bank statement in real time to enable quickest possible data driven decision system

Market insight

Tailor campaigns and understand competitive landscape based on client’s banks transactions

How does it work?

Instantor provides crucial banking data to our customers

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Go beyond your customer


Knowing your customer can enable you to tailor campaigns and drive revenue. Knowing your customer can guide a company to rethink business model/offering and help you to decrease your risk. Knowing your customer enables you to take better business decision!


Analyse the customer’s bank statement in real time and gain instant insight and step into a world of possibilities enabled by our data


Instantor’s system allows you to let the consumer identify herself and prove her financial status in matter of seconds!

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Who we are

Company – Founded 2010, employs 30, HQ Sthlm

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Countries we operate in: 20

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Number of banks we integrated with: 200

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Number of clients: approximately 100

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Legal aspect: extensive legal research in all active countries

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Easy integration supporting modern technology


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Northmill wants to revolutionize the old banking system by building a bank designed for our digital and modern lifestyle. That means redefining what a bank should be, making it more simple to use and available at all times.

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Since inception in 2008, the company has provided more than 10,000,000 Single Payment, Line of Credit and Instalment Loans totalling over EUR 3bn.

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