Instantor Insight

Turbocharge your GINI to the moon and back.

Introducing Instantor Insight, our next level product. Built on Artificial Intelligence and guaranteed to increase your GINI by at least 5%. Or your money back.

What is Insight?

Insight takes transactional data to the next level, and provides you with just that – Insight. Insight to help you improve your bottom line. Insight to improve your acceptance. Insight to decrease fraud. Insight to identify more of the good customers and reject the bad.

It’s easy-to-integrate, consisting of predictive features based on machine learning. These +70 features represent insightful patterns in historical banking and can be used to make risk and opportunity decisions.

How we built Insight

Our secret sauce is a combination of robust machine learning models, and the data which we thoughtfully enrich, clean and analyse.

Insight’ variables are evaluated, and their predictive performance proven using the Area Under the Curve/GINI coefficient.

We’ve invested in thousands of data science hours, stress tested our models and with a solid 7-year track-record of being trusted to process consumer transactional data world-wide, you know that can’t be bad.

Let us take the driver’s seat

This integration is loved by many. Why? Because we do the hard work for you, and you get the results. It’s the perfect solution for time-poor risk teams that want a stable solution, fast.


  • We take care of the set up and integration
  • Secure and trusted
  • Get results within a week


Share repayment data with Instantor


Instantor builds a customized model through insight


You implement the features in your decision model


Sign up to use insight features


Receive insight features in current report

Or get the tools to do it yourself

This solution is suitable for risk teams with high data science competencies, willing to invest man-hours and able to wait longer to produce results.


  • +70 predictive variables report
  • Can test hands-on

What our customers say about Insight


Your data is important to us. It is used with the strictest confidence and integrity.


Get results in one week, versus month for a standard data science team.


Consistantly outperforms existing models.

No effort

We take core of the heavy lifting by building the model for you.

About Us

We make people’s financial lives easier and help organisations understand their customers’ true financial capacity. With our solution, identification and income validation takes onlya few minutes. Our clients’ acceptance rate is increased, risk is reduced, and administration is streamlined. Know your customer with Instantor’s next generation banking API.

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