Bank Api

The core of Instantor is our ability to extract bank data. This is how it works

Instantor provides crucial banking data to our customers

We unify the bank data into a easy to use format. We call it the standard report.


Supported banks 200
Supported countries 20
Data extraction techniques support Scraping and API
Customer satisfaction (survey results) 93%
Uptime during last month up to 99,9%
Monitored 24/7
Average time to fix under 30 mins for 80% of errors
Client support Central European Office Hours – 24/7 support is offered as part of the premium package
Performance (Actual numbers can vary depending on the bank and country)
Account information 2s
3 months of transactional account information 4s
12 months of transactional account information 6s
KYC approved It’s the financal company that needs to be approved to use Instantor in a KYC processes, the product itself is not and can’t be approved. However Instantor is a component in many KYC processes in many jurisistications and are recongised by FSA authorites
Court support Yes – Data is traceable to support a court processes about the KYC
PSD2 ready Yes
Data points (Availability can vary depending on the bank)
Account number Yes
Account holder Yes
Transactional data Yes
Cashflow Yes
Social security number Yes
For actual data points – Please sign up on our Client Portal and perform a test
Technical specification
Machine-readable Yes
Format JSON / XML / PDF
Unified bank APIs Yes

Traditional banking

In order for traditional financial institutions to stay relevant in the ever changing and more challenging financial landscape, innovation is needed. Instantor can help you capitalize on information today not being monitored or analysed by significantly improving your loan risk assessment process both in terms of quality, speed and cost, as well as offer you the possibility for an online identification of your web visitors.


Banks covered:
Supported countries:

Short term lenders

Avoid hassle and analogue documentation that slows the process for your customers. Import and verify both salary levels and account numbers as part of process enabling quick credit decisions as well as payouts to clients.

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