An improved customer
experience with Instantor


Northmill has helped develop the Swedish financial market since 2006, and has in a short amount of time become a leading player. By combining modern technology with traditional financial services, the company has helped make daily financial lives easier for more than a hundred thousand customers in Sweden.

Northmill has also recently entered the Finnish market with the brand Credigo. Through Northmills brands Easycredit and Credigo together with the latest addition Credway, the company offers consumer credits, also known as online loans or payday loans to individuals and has since it started been contributing to drive the financial development within this segment.

Nowadays you can use your smartphone to complete one of the most common bank issues, applying for a loan. You apply for a loan, go through a thorough credit check and identify yourself by using electronic identification installed on your smartphone.


“When you’re developing a customer behaviour, you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges that might not have existed before, which is why you’re grateful to have innovative partners like Instantor”

says Nemrud Kurt, marketer at Northmill.


Since inception in 2008, the company has provided more than 10,000,000 Single Payment, Line of Credit and Instalment Loans totalling over EUR 3bn.

Active in 15+ markets and based out of Latvia, 4F is a consumer finance group for today’s fast-moving world, with a proven alternative to conventional bank lending.

Instantor is an important strategical partner to us and their cutting edge technology allows us to always push development of credit models and application flow on the markets where we cooperate.


“Using Instantor variables we have seen Gini coefficient improvement by 4-7 p.p in already quite sophisticated credit information markets. Also, reduced fraud by linking user and bank account so pay-out only can be done to Instantor verified account as well as, improve registration process as information can be extracted immediately online and tedious, offline procedures, can be replaced.”

Aleksandr Lavrentjev, Business Development Manager

Higher efficiency

A major challenge has been to streamline the identification process operated remotely in a safe and secure manner. The most common option when taking a loan with Northmill has been to send a picture of a physical identification document — a method that feels too obsolete for customers nowadays.
Using Instantors solution allows Northmill to offer their customers a more streamlined way of identification via their bank. The customer only needs to choose Instantor as the identification method and then log in to their bank account — simple, fast and secure, not only for Northmill but also for our customers.

Positive results

All customers can feel secure in that their credentials are neither seen nor stored by Instantor and that the whole identification process is conducted in a secure manner.
The cooperation between Instantor and Northmill has been a success with many customers choosing to use Instantor as identification method when using Northmills services. This eliminates our customers to be victims of fraud to a higher extent, leading to more succesful lending.