Income Verification

Say goodbye to time consuming manual processes and never ending piles of documentation, and hello to instant income verification – where your loan applicant’s true financial capability is proven in one simple click.

Efficient, secure, trusted and easy to integrate.


It's in the details.

Income Verification cuts to the chase, and helps you find out what your customers’ income really is. In real time.
No need to solely rely on credit bureau data, nor suffer continued headaches of keeping up with a fraudster’s latest manipulation of income and bank statements. It’s secure and used in over 25 markets by over 200 Financial Institutions.
Income Verification helps you find the most dominant income streams, as well outputs for each stream. For example:

description – As found in the bank statement e.g. “Salary Instantor”
incomeType – One of “Salary”, “Pension”, “Government support”, “Parental, child, and student support” and “Other”
averageAmount – The average amount of the stream
averagePerMonth – The average monthly amount
totalCount – The total number of times the transaction has been detected
seenInMonths – The total number of months the transaction has been detected
availableMonthsRatio – The percentage of months available, out of the full transaction history
lastSeenDaysAgo – The days since the transaction was detected

What our customers say.

“Since credit information oftentimes is not up to date, we rely on the services of Instantor that can, with our customer’s consent, retrieve credit information from our customers that represent their current financial situation. In doing that we have been able to help creditworthy and reliable customers who might not have gotten their financial needs met elsewhere.

We greatly appreciate how it improves both the customer experience and our bottom line at the same time. It helps us in helping our customers while being able to make better business decisions.”

– Babel Poli, Chief Product Officer at Northmill

The traditional credit risk management process.

Income Verification vastly improves your digitalization process within your credit underwriting. It significantly reduces processing time, from weeks to a few minutes. Speak to our team who can guide you through the benefits.

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