• Creating a gender equal FinTech environment
  • Helping women to achieve their ambitions in FinTech
  • Facilitating women coming together and learn from each other


Stockholm, Sweden. March 28th, 2019. 07.00 CET. Today Women In FinTech launches with a mission to make a real and lasting impact on equal gender representation in FinTech. The effort is powered by Instantor and intends to tackle international problems encountered by women in the sector.

Sweden is well known internationally for ranking highly when it comes to gender equality. However, there is a sizable gender imbalance in specific fields, like FinTech. Stockholm School of Economics’ 2018 Stockholm FinTech Report unveiled that only 38% of employees in the FinTech sector in Stockholm are women.

When looking at other European stats, the situation is not brighter. A report from Atomico found 46% of women have experienced some form of discrimination in the tech industry. The FinTech landscape outside Europe is not free of obstacles for women either. Comments from international colleagues make this apparent.

“Women have made a lot of progress to break through the glass ceiling, however, within tech and especially in FinTech, there is still a lot of room for us to continue to improve. Moreover, FinTech is playing a pivotal role in shaping the financial industry landscape, but the growth of this industry will remain unfulfilled unless diversity is prioritised”, comments Raiha Buchanan, CMO at Instantor and Co-Founder of Women In FinTech.

Women In Fintech welcomes women from all levels of seniority, countries, sectors and disciplines with an interest in finance. The initiative is in its early stages, but it aspires to go beyond mere inspiration and instead aims to support women to achieve their ambitions in FinTech, in Sweden and internationally.

“We welcome women from the industry making a difference in the lives of millions by harnessing the power of disruptive technology in finance, whichever specialisation they have, even those who are just curious to learn more about FinTech”, concludes Helene S. Westerlund, CTO at Instantor and Co-Founder of the initiative.

Women in FinTech will host bi-montly meet-ups to provide a platform to connect women in FinTech. The platform will facilitate women sharing tips on becoming even more successful in a male dominated industry, collaborating across companies and provide women with perspectives outside of their own company.



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Mariana Wille


About Women In FinTech

Women Helping Women for a 50:50 Gender Balance in FinTech

Women In FinTech aims to achieve a 50:50 female representation in the FinTech sector, in Sweden and internationally.

By facilitating industry encounters and by sharing knowledge across different disciplines, Women In FinTech strives to attract more women into the industry and tackle major problems faced by women already in the sector, globally.  By doing so, Women In FinTech believes that a 50:50 gender balance can be achieved.

Women In FinTech stems from the belief that FinTech is shaping the financial industry landscape, and that it will only unleash its full potential with equal gender representation. This initiative promotes an inclusive and supportive FinTech environment. It is all about women not only sharing knowledge experience and professional advice but also inspiring one another within a meaningful network to help us break through the glass ceiling.

Women In FinTech is born under the leadership of Raiha Buchanan and Helene S. Westerlund, CMO and CTO at Instantor respectively, two inspirational women with a sound record in the industry locally and internationally. Women In FinTech has already seen in the inaugural mingle, talents from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Korea, New Zealand, Sweden, Tunisia and Ukraine. See more at

Women in FinTech – Sweden Chapter

In Sweden, so far a diverse group of around 30 women from the ecosystem -and beyond, have joined the Women In FinTech inaugural mingle. Some came from Findec, the Swedish FinTech Association, Bambora, Danske Bank, Nordea, and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

From our international colleagues

“In Mexico, there are  structural and cultural barriers to overcome in order to advance professionally because finance and tech are both territories traditionally dominated by men.”

  • Mariana, Communications Manager

“Having lived and worked in a number of different cultures in Euroasia I can confirm that discrimination, in different forms, is present everywhere. Increased equality in FinTech globally would improve our ability to solve more complex problems, therefore, a more diverse and egalitarian FinTech sector is vital.”

  • Sarah, Brand Manager

About Instantor

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