Bank API - secure and Simple Integration

Our Bank API is the very core of our business and has been trusted by over 150 Financial Institutions worldwide. We have integrated with over 250 banks globally, offering you one of the most robust API's on the market.

Included in: Instant Access (Beta) , Instant Dev , Instant Ease , Instant ID , Instant Smart

Instantor Bank API is an integration kit allowing you to fully harness the power of customer data available to you. This lets you fully digitalise the onboarding process and leverage the intelligent products we offer such as KYC, Income Verification and Insights, to make smart decisions in line with your risk management strategy. We save you the time and money you would normally spend on analysing data by offering you a variety of user login interfaces and a selection of channels and formats to obtain and deliver customer information. This allows you to focus on your core business while our smart products do the work.