KYC ID - Identify your customer and be compliant

KYC ID allows you to quickly and easily identify your customer through our compliant offering.

Included in: Instant ID

In order to provide financial services online, companies need a compliant and safe method to verify the identity of their customer, aligned with KYC standards.

This is now possible with Instantor’s KYC ID product. Instantor provides access to multiple internet banking login methods. This is proven to be a valid remote identification method, in all counties which we operate in.

The procedure of obtaining internet banking account in all banks requires physical presence, and a set of documents along with agreement with the bank, where the customer is strictly prohibited to share their internet bank credentials to any third party.

By logging into an internet bank using Instantor, the customer is identified through bank login. Instantor then sends an KYC ID report  so you’re able to validate KYC data against your customer’s personal and bank information provided in your loan application form. We also check against any Money Laundry lists, and perform anti-corruption due diligence.

KYC data components may vary from bank to bank.

An example of KYC report(cut):

bank: {
country: “SE”,
abbreviation: “swedbank”,
name: “Swedbank AB”
source: “”,
username: “John Dow”,
address: “PRIVATE: Santa Helena Route 342, 98746 Fresno, United Kingdom”,
phone: “PRIVATE: 123 456-789”,
email: “PRIVATE:”