Transactional Data - Financial Data Aggregation made easy

Our Transactional Data solution is perfect for developers and fintech startups to use in order to build amazing credit scoring applications. If you've got the technical competency, this solution will help you leverage financial data.

Included in: Instant Dev

Make your ideas a reality

Use Transactional Data for data aggregation, to improve capacity in identifying profitable loans and to increase the quality of your credit portfolio. Never miss a sales opportunity again. Use Transactional Data to upsell and crosssell.

The power of bank data

Transactional Data contains all kinds of vital information embedded in complex formats that are meaningless unless you understand them. Data is commoditised. Collecting data is “good practice” but the value does not lie in the data itself, but the meaning that can be gathered from this data to i.e. improve credit scoring.

PSD2 and GDPR compliant

Instantor is the first AISP fintech that has been granted permission in Sweden. The approval means that Instantor has the legal prerequisites for continue building consumer-centric services using end-user account information as part of the Open Banking framework defined by PSD2.

Transactional Data in Action

It can be tough to meat traditional credit risk requirements. All it takes for people to fall through the system is one bad decision or an honest mistake. Besides the implications that this has for end-users, it also represents great losses for financing providers as they miss out on suitable candidates. This is why Alternative Credit Risk Scoring has increased in popularity. Alternative Credit Risk Scoring looks at different types of transactional data and uses modern ML-based algorithms to calculate risks. This means more candidates can be accepted while decreasing the risk, as more factors have been taken into account. Our Transactional Data product is only one of the solutions we offer to help you improve your Alternative Credit Scoring by looking at relevant bank data.

Modern bank API

The Instantor API handles data aggregation effectively, simplifying usage and decreasing integration costs all while speeding up the process in which we release new solutions.