Go beyond your customer

Online financial activity

Increase competitive advantage

As the competitive environment on several markets increases, more information about your new as well as established customers will create a foundation for better decisions. These decisions can reduce costs for both you and your customers, enabling your firm to be the most competitive at the right time.

Know your customer and their risk profile in a matter of seconds

The vast information on your customer’s bank account, made available through an Instantor process, will allow you to gain valuable insight into salary level, government support and payment behavior. This information offers a level of granularity that was previously impossible, and it is delivered to your system instantly, actually, since the process is online.

Increase risk process with higher conversion

Include Instantor in your online flow so that your customers can give you an online insight into their unique financial situation and thereby both increase the likelihood of determining the adequate financial terms for their risk level, as well as improve your credit/business decisions process. This is done while at the same time improving conversion rate, as analogue/manual processes will become redundant.


Market applicability

Traditional banking

In order for traditional financial institutions to stay relevant in the ever changing and more challenging financial landscape, innovation is needed. Instantor can help you capitalize on information today not being monitored or analysed by significantly improving your loan risk assessment process both in terms of quality, speed and cost, as well as offer you the possibility for an online identification of your web visitors.

Niche banks

Whether your company is interested in improving their scoring model or gaining insight of possible loan consolidation or even upsale screening, Instantor can help you increase risk management level as well as reduce marketing costs.

Short term lenders

Avoid hassle and analogue documentation that slows the process for your customers. Import and verify both salary levels and account numbers as part of process enabling quick credit decisions as well as payouts to clients.

ERP systems

Through our SME product we can help you further automate the process for creating verifications in accounting process — this saves time for the client and increases your platform’s stickiness.


As risk evaluation is the single most important factor for an insurance company we see Instantor data as crucial in order to understand who the individual your company is assuming risk for is. The data points available from an Instantor process will enrich your already sophisticated systems allowing for greater granularity in terms of individual offers for customers.


Increase your understanding of invoicing risk and lower your exposure to fraud by introducing Instantor into your check-out process. This is useful both to understand the customer at hand as well as to link customers to his bank account so that returns and repayments are treated correctly.