Instant Access: Monitor Customer Risk instantly

Know your customer with Instantor: Get transactional data without interfering with internal processes or resources. Instant Access is hosted by us and doesn't require integrations. Our reports provide identity verification and understanding of financial transactions in a human readable format. Onboarding your customers is fast and simple. They get a link that takes them directly to the interface. Yes, it's really that easy. (Available in Sweden)

Instant Access

How it works

Order online

Placing your order takes only a few clicks. We need some basic information and your logotype, that’s it.

Get set up instantly

Our tech team sets up your solution on a safe, standalone page hosted by us. Grab a coffee while you wait.

Invite customers to apply

Choose how to invite your customers to use the integration. Place a banner or send an SMS. You can reach out to previously rejected customers or a defined test population.