Instant Ease: Let us do the work for you

Unleash Instantor’s full potential without having to put up the work yourself. Let us take care of the entire credit underwriting process, all the way from defining and setting up the solution to providing the risk analysis. You focus on what you do best – bringing in the customers and growing your business. It’s a premium solution for fast and easy results.

Instant Ease

How it works

You brief us

Tell us about your business needs and goals. Let us know what challenges you face and what opportunities you have.

We customize

Based on your input and years of experience, we recommend a solution, including set parameters, KPIs, etc.

We implement

After that we move from recommendation to implementation. In other words, we set up your customised solution for you.

We work for you

With everything in place, we continuously analyse, evaluate, adjust and work together with you towards your goals.