Our customers say it best.

We have built our solutions to best fit the everyday challenges of credit risk professionals. Our customers are at the heart of our operations, no matter their size or which of the 25 Instantor markets they operate in. We’re humbled by their praise shared for our solutions. Highlights are below.

C Finance

“Income verification turned out to be useful to decrease fraud cases and administration, moreover, with the help of Instantor, we also found a way to verify our customers’ income. Currently, we see Instantor as one of our most important business partners.” -Henri Rouvinen, Former Group COO and Head of Nordics at C Finance.

ID Finance

“Instantor data has considerably improved the predictive power of our scoring models, increased our approval rate and reduced our non-performing loans. Their products greatly support our strategic goal to raise levels of financial inclusion and provide responsible financing solutions for the underbanked.” -Kate Kazak, CRO at ID Finance.


“Since credit information oftentimes is not up to date, we rely on the services of Instantor that can, with our customer’s consent, retrieve credit information from our customers that represent their current financial situation. In doing that we have been able to help creditworthy and reliable customers who might not have gotten their financial needs met elsewhere. We greatly appreciate how it improves both the customer experience and our bottom line at the same time. It helps us in helping our customers while being able to make better business decisions.” – Babel Poli, Chief Product Officer at Northmill.